About Bernard

Photographer of the Impressionistic Style
“His Cameras, His Film, His Filters, and His Imagination 

Parisian-born Bernard Baudet studied Photography in Paris where he perfected his unique Impressionistic Style of photography. His love for the Impressionistic Masters of Art inspired him with the sensitivity to invent this captivating technique of photography.

Bernard works with his medium to enhance images of the romantic qualities of charm and mystery, bringing atmospheres of elusive light, onto his landscapes and figures. His work is not a digitalized process, rather, a uniquely created Impressionistic Expressionism”, artistically created through His Camera, His Film, His Filters, and His Imagination. 

The Impressionistic Masters painted with a small stroke of pure colors which mixed in the eye of the spectator when viewed from a distance.

Bernard’s “Impressionistic Style” of photography used his own custom style filters to create his  impressionistic images. 

Baudet’s Father was a Movie Director, Writer and Publisher in France and was decorated with the honorable Arts & Letters by the late president, Charles De Gaulle. From a young age, Bernard worked alongside his Father to hone his skills and developed his passion as a Photographer & Publisher. 

Bernard has worked in the Fashion Industry in New York for VIVA Magazine, Macy’s, Hallmark and Bill Blass. His Film Industry experiences have included photographing celebrities, such as French Singer-Composer Jacques Brel. His close association with the noted Art Critic from Beverly Hills, Ira Roberts, opened avenues for Bernard to publish in Europe and the United States.

Everyone takes pictures, I wanted more!

I wanted to make art with my photography and I used my camera as my brush, with my film, my filters, and my imagination!

My work expresses my passion and inspiration from the Impressionistic Masters, with my sensitivity, my feelings and my love for the beauty of all my subject matters.